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Free Ipods

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  2006.03.14  19.41
help, please?

I need (5) referrals to get my free iPod -- here.

I can offer custom LJ icons of any fandom (see mine for examples), custom graphics (friends only banners, headers, etc.), custom userinfo (like mine), any number of mp3s, and gmail invites. I'm also learning to code LJ layouts -- I can attempt a simple-ish one for you!

Thanks a bunch!! Comment here once you've signed up and completed an offer and let me know what you want. As long as it's a reasonable number (not in the thousands or something), I'm willing to make any number of icons/graphics and send you any number of mp3s. There is no limit on what you want -- if you want six icons, two friends only banners, ten songs, and a gmail invite, then sure! Just complete an offer for me =)


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  2005.09.21  18.11

Get $50 Cash or PayPal from ME!!

Complete a referral for me and get $50 from me as a Thank You Gift!!

All it takes is 2 easy steps:

1. Sign up at the site by clicking this link: http://www.flatscreens4free.com/default.aspx?r=411097 This is very important: Once you click on the link & enter your email on the site - email me at lovely2bme@optonline.net with your email address to make sure it went thru.  Once I email you back that it went thru then go to step two.

2. Complete an offer. Once your offer goes through then you'll get $50 in Cash or Paypal - you choose!!

It's that easy!! 

Email me or post on my LJ with any questions: lovely2bme@optonline.net

***Please DO NOT forget to email me BEFORE completing the offer!!***  THANK YOU!!


  2005.06.30  11.13


I only need 4 more referals!!!!!

just follow this link, fill in a few questions, sign up to an offer (the best one is screen select dvd rental cos it's a months free trial!) then refer 12 people to the site! once you have completed the offer along with the people you have refered you will recieve your very own 20gb iPod FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this is all legit!

Only problem is that its for the UK only!!!!


  2005.06.13  12.26

I got my Free Ipod today!! Now I'm looking for other sites to sign up on that are similiar to this. So let me know what sites you need referrals on and I'll sign up if it interests me. Also, let me know if you're offering anything for me signing up. I offered paypal to anyone who signed up under me for my Ipod so anyone offering me paypal would get priority!!


  2005.06.09  17.36

If you haven't signed up at 4freespot.com, you probably should.


  2005.05.13  11.32

3 Different tanning lotions auctions:

5 Samples of Supre Flaunt Tanning Lotion

4 Samples of Synergytan Go Dark Hot Bronzer Tanning Lotion

8 Designer Skin Sample Packs from the Splash! Line


  2005.05.06  19.54

Synergy Tan Go Dark Hot Bronzer Tanning Lotion Packs (4)



  2005.05.06  14.45

(if you haven't signed up for freemacgifts.com PLEASE read below)

I Need Help Getting Two More Referrals:

freemacgifts.com => http://www.freemacgifts.com/?r=2937

If anyone could help me finish get two more referrals that'd be awesome. I tell you what offers are the cheapest/easiest and help you complete them. I'm more interested in trading referrals however I do have gmail invites to give out and would also be willing to give referrals $15 cash via paypal. I'm a trustworthy trader so you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to pull a fast one.

If anyone's interested in helping me out post a reply.
(please don't leave a email addresses because nine times out of ten i wont contact you, if you're interested in trading just reply to the post.


  2005.04.29  20.06

I want to recommend this site to all of you. Since so many people are signed up at the major sites, it is getting difficult to get a free ipod. This network is relatively new and they have already started shipping free items to people. I've talked with the owner of the network and she is very nice and (unlike gratis) actually will respond to your e-mails!! So if you do sign up, please use my link:


The site has ipods, ipod accessories, minimacs, and even apple cinema displays!

Also, if you sign up and successfully complete an offer under my link, I will pay you $15!


  2005.04.07  14.39

Here's my referral link:


All I have to offer in return are Gmail invites which you can get from me for nothing anyway but if you would like to sign up and complete an offer it would be much appreciated :)

Email me here.


  2005.04.06  23.34
6 month LJ account... free!?

Just letting ya'll know, I will buy a 6 month paid LJ account for the 4 people who complete an offer and help me get my ipod.  Once your offer is shown as completed, you will get your paid account.  If you decide to help me out, just email me the email address you used to sign up with, and your LJ user name.

Help me get my ipod!


  2005.03.31  17.22
need referrals!

I need my iPod!  Please sign under my referral. 

free iPodCollapse )

Mood: crazy

  2005.03.25  21.26

NEW conga community!!!

BRAND NEW, so TONS of spots are open! :] Must join the community in order to have posting access -- I garauntee this site will be a success! 000_congas


000_congas 000_congas
000_congas 000_congas
000_congas 000_congas


  2005.03.16  00.19
um, hello

wow... im very impressed. i started this community a while back and totally forgot about it when it seemed my referrals were never going to get completed, but it seems everyone is still cracking at it. anyhow, i was just doing a little perusing and i was wondering what everyone thinks of the idea of formatting the community to be a bit like _freeipodhelp and do one referral link at a time. you can still post your indiviual links, but it seems like this way we could all get a lot more done. comment and let me know!


  2005.03.14  12.34

new community for anyone that needs referrals for a notebook/laptop/etc.




join fast before tons of people join, making it longer for you to get your notebook!


  2005.03.09  22.14


New conga community! For a ton of different free things from both Gratis and Offer Centric.


  2005.03.09  20.38

I am TRADING referrals right now. I have TONS of feedback here : flashlikewhat

- NEW NEW NEW SITE!!!! FREE IPOD! You can get an ipod for only TWO referrals! how sweet is that?! lots of other prizes too. [[0/2]]

http://www.4FreeSpot.com/?r=446 <- RIGHT HERE!

- FREE JEWELRY! Diamonds/white gold/pearls. [[you dont need credit card for some of these offers]]

http://www.diamonds4nothin.com/?r=78 [[4/8]]

- FREE IPOD SHUFFLE - only 3 referrals needed! [[1/3]]


If you really want to do a trade and you're signed up for these three, I do have a few other sites I'm signed up for :] Again, I've very trustworthy.

email: wendyrose04@hotmail.com
aim: wendyrose08 I'M ALWAYS ON!

<3 <3 Wendy


  2005.03.08  15.52
UK People?

I need referrals too! There are some free offers and some low hassle, low cost ones


Will be willing to exchange referrals for similar UK things.


  2005.03.07  20.20


http://www.freeiPods.com/?r=15605179 <- RIGHT HERE! [ 2/5 green]

- FREE JEWELRY! Diamonds/white gold/pearls.

http://www.diamonds4nothin.com/?r=78 [[3/8 are green! sign up! yay]]



Those are the ones I would prefer you to sign up under :] Here are two others, however:



- FREE NOTEBOOKS/ $1000 paypal:


if you complete an offer and go green, I can send one of the things for you:

-> $6.00 paypal
-> Tutti Dolce lipgloss in "lemon meringue"
-> BBW cool e/s in "Shell" [[pink]]
-> Burned CD : flashlikewhat for list
-> Complete an offer for you
-> DVD "Little Black Book" [[must complete two offers]] ORIGINAL DVD -- not a bootleg
-> Tony and Tina n/p in "sociable" [[shimmery beige]]
-> I have a TON of vintage pinback buttons with fun pictures/phrases. I'll send you two for completing an offer!


I have TONS of feedback [[links to ebay and mua here, as well]] flashlikewhat

<3 <3 Wendy

ps. Please EMAIL me -- Wendyrose04@Hotmail.com or AIM me : wendyrose08 [[i haven't been getting notifications when people reply to my posts..]]


  2005.03.07  15.36


Two months of extra userpics to anyone who signs up and completes an offer.


  2005.03.03  13.15


http://www.freeiPods.com/?r=15605179 <- RIGHT HERE!

- FREE JEWELRY! Diamonds/white gold/pearls. I *REALLY* want the pearl ring.[[you dont need credit card for some of these offers]]

http://www.diamonds4nothin.com/?r=78 [[2/8 are green! sign up! yay]]








  2005.02.22  00.45

i found a new site with a TON of apple stuff at it. all the different ipods (20g, shuffle, u2, photo), minimacs, accessories, and even the coveted apple cinema display. here's a link:


this is one of the few sites that will ship to canada, too. so join :D!


  2005.02.16  21.52


I will paypal $25 to the people who sign up with my referal link.
Once the offer turns green, I can send you the money through PayPal, or if you'd prefer, I can mail a money order or enclosed cash to you.


I'll signup for an offer as long as it isn't for an iPod (can't sign up twice for the same offer).

don't worry, i'm going to actually send you the money... i'm not a scam artist ;]


  2005.02.16  16.18

Free Stuff
Recently, I've caught the online freebie bug. I have recieved 2 free ipods, a free 4 megapixel camera, and 2 checks totaling $470 from various sites. You can see the pictures in my public posts for proof as well as some from friends of mine who did these sites as well. See the link below. If you'd like to try to get your own stuff, use my referral links below. You must sign up, complete one free offer, and get a number of friends to do the same under you. If you need assistance, you may leave a comment and I will get back to you. These sites are all proven legit and I have had no difficulty with recieving my free items from them. The sites with no referral number at the end are sites I've completed.

2 checks from offer centric lots of money
Public proof post for my camera: my livejournal entry
public proof post for ipod: livejournal entry
proof of paypal payment from friend: soadchik gets $325
proof of ipod from friend: wyldkyss gets ipod

Below are the links, the prize i am trying for, and the number of people i need to sign up under me to finish. you can only sign up for each site once. All sites are referral based, so you must sign up the number of people required in order to get your prize, do not consider cheating, the system will win in the end. Each site offers at least 4 different prizes besides cash, so explore your options.

resource guide

Gratis Sites

# of referals needed & major gift

freedesktoppc.com 10 refs for Dell Desktop PC
freegamingsystems.com 4 refs for xbox or ps2
freeminimacs.com 10 refs for 80Gb
freeipodshuffle.com 3 refs for 1GB shuffle

OfferCentric (da best)

dvrs4free.com 5 refs for Tivo
pvps4free.com 10 refs for PVP
notebooks4free.com 18 refs for Apple iBook

JTcooper (variety)
tech4free.com 6 refs for $300 check
pctech4free.com dif. # ref for pc parts (i need 2 more!)

Voltage Net
shuffleipods4free.com 3-4 refs for 512Mb or 1GB shuffle (i need 1 more!)
freeipodsphotos.com 9 refs for 40GB ipod or cash


  2005.02.16  04.17
ok -- a new one

i'm STILL one away on the free ipod (http://www.freeiPods.com/?r=10066709), but in the interim, i've decided to embark on a new journey, a free desktop (with a monitor!)...

if you can help me out, here's my link:


thank you. thank you. thank you.


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